SQL Studio is a streamlined SQL query tool. Styled after Microsoft's SQL Management Studio, it gives a consistent feel to any ODBC compatible database. Plus a built in adapter to convert a SQL based syntax into MSCRM API commands.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM the fundamental security model is role-based. Each defined role contains privileges that define a set of actions that can be performed within. A privilege authorizes the user to perform a specific action on a specific entity type.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM role to permission mapping engine is quite good. But there are a number inefficiencies and gaps that make managing roles difficult. Toolbelt Software’s Role Manager application is designed to improve this experience.

Many applications use Microsft's connection string format to configure how they connect to MSCRM 2011, 2013, 2015 or 2016. This tool is designed to help quickly build and test these connection strings.

This efficient program will extract query string parameters from any URL entered. The components of the query string are automatically URL decoded and displayed for you.